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Omaha Central 1996 Reunion
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Welcome to our class!

As you can see we are working on planning our first class reunion. We missed the five year reunion, but are working ahead so we don't miss another one. We currently have six other class members working to put this together. We have to ask a few questions of the other class members though. We have set up this web-site to get your opinion. We are contemplating on a few questions.
1. When do we have this? I know it will be in 2006, but what month works best for all of you? We are open to all ideas and opinions.
2. What do we want to do? There have been a few ideas batted around. One is a potluck picnic so everyone can bring their families. Another is drinks and probably dinner of an evening. Does anyone have any ideas of what they would like to do other than these options?
3. Where do we have these? We have narrowed the selection down to two halls. One is Harrah's Casino and the other is The Bellevue Social Centre. The main difference is the price for all of you. Harrah's does a lot of the work on their own, and provides nicer/more expensive choices. The other would be a cheaper route, but would not be as nice with as many choices. They are both very nice locations, but you definitely pay for the luxuries at Harrah's. If we are all willing to pay around $35 a person we could have the nicer of the two. The potluck picnic could be at a park somewhere. That would not include the alcohol, so that would not be a problem of where to have it. Please let us know of any ideas you have on paying the asking price or any other ideas you might have.
Please e-mail one of us with your ideas. We would love the help.

Events and Announcements

Renovation Model
This is the model for the new Central that is supposed to be done I believe after this year.

New Stadium
This is a picture of what the new stadium will look like. Wouldn't that have been nice?

Please get in touch with your questions or comments about the reunion. If you have any pictures you want posted on this site also, please e-mail them to us.

To give us your ideas please click here to e-mail us.